270 Minutes to Save Birmingham City’s Championship Status

So, here we are. Birmingham City have 270 minutes of football to save their Championship status. But really, it should never have come down to this. Yes, times are very hard financially and I agree that Lee Clark has a very difficult job. But sometimes in life, you have to help yourself and I am afraid that our gaffer’s team selection against Blackburn was a joke.

Birmingham City have 270 Minutes

Square pegs in round holes do not fit, as was the case on bank holiday Monday. Too often this season, Blues have lost a game before half time, particularly at St. Andrews. Now, I do not like getting on managers back’s but I couldn’t help myself. What possessed Clark to pick that line-up? A centre midfielder at left back; a left back at centre half, a centre half at right back and a right back in centre midfield. Yes, these players may have had some mild experience in these positions for the under 9’s at Manchester United or in Scotland, but when the chips are down, a simple 4-4-2 with everyone in their most comfortable positions would suffice. Clark gave reasons for his selection, but he couldn’t have fully believed he was right because after the third goal went in he moved the players to where they should have been from the off!

No matter what has happened, we are here because we deserve to be. I do not buy that Blues are ‘too big’ to go down or that we ‘do not deserve’ to go down… that is utter garbage. If we go down to League One it will be because we have not accumulated enough points over 46 games.

In the summer, regardless of what division we are in, we need a fresh start. That goes right through from the owners, the manager and the 396 players we have out of contract. Start afresh. We have very good youngsters here- Demarai Gray epitomised what pace can bring to a game of football when he came on. Rovers didn’t like defending against him and if I was the boss, I would be picking him against Leeds this weekend.

Do not be fooled that Leeds have nothing to play for. Admittedly, they may not get out of first gear, but teams haven’t had to break into a sweat to take away all three points from St. Andrews. A huge, and I mean enourmous, home performance is required on Saturday. We have three cup final’s coming up, three of the biggest games in the clubs recent history. The men need to be separated from the boys and the more experienced players have to stand up and be counted!

Keep Right On!

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  1. Tad says:

    I have been a Blues supporter for over 50 years and I have never felt this bad about things at St Andrews. I have just heard Lee Clark’s radio interview. Get him out and get someone else in for the last 2 games. Clark sounds a defeated man, so weak and lacking confidence and ideas. I have seen Blues go up and down and give men highs and lows since I was a young boy, but I have never felt so depressed. Where is the fighting spirit and pride that I have always seen in our players.
    Always a ‘Blue Nose’ but so sad to see our team in this dire situation.

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