Clark waits for assurances on future and budget

The never ending takeover is reportedly ‘very close’ to a  conclusion, according to the Birmingham Mail and other sources, as the BIHL board are set to name their ‘preferred bidder’. Every Blues fan will be praying that the right buyers are chosen. But no matter happens, it needs to come to a head sooner rather than later.

Lee Clark Waiting for Assurances

But where does this leave Lee Clark, or our next manager if Clark isn’t the man that the new owners want? Clark has been planning for next season under the assumption that his job is safe. The parameters he has been working to are similar, if not worse, than last season. But, should something happen with regards to an initial 25% takeover of the club, Clark may find things a bit easier in his search for new blood.

So far, Jonathan Grounds (Oldham) and Tom Beugelsdijk (ADO Den Haag) have been pinpointed as potential targets, both are free agents after contracts at their respective clubs expired. But Clark may be able to cast his net further afield with a new regime. But before he does that, he will want assurances that he is the man the owners want to take this club forward.

It is understood that the club will be sold in stages, as BIHL need to hold some power over the football club in order to see their company re listed on the HKSE. But they are also accepting the fact that change is needed urgently as the capital has well and truly dried up. Whether the first part of the takeover will be tied up before the start of the season is yet to be seen, so for now it’s ‘as you were’.

Watch this space.

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One Response to Clark waits for assurances on future and budget

  1. John says:

    It was reported by some people, that the only news on any potential buyers of BCFC , would eminate from the Hong Kong Stock exchange and no one else. Now the Mail is reporting that bids are being considered and that one of the British consortiums is already out of the running. Have the NDA’s been scrapped ? The only thing for certain about this long running farce, is that the people who run BIH, know little or nothing about running a business and even less about running a football club. Any one who has genuine intentions of helping Blues out of the dreadful situation that we are now in, will need to have watertight conditions written into any agreements made, with the shady characters, who unfortunately own BCFC. Also, you can be sure that BIH will have little or no interest as to the future of BCFC, all they want, is to line their pockets. I also believe, that quite a large number of bluenoses will not be purchasing their season tickets, if new owners are not in place, very soon.

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