The Revolving Door at St Andrew’s

The ever revolving transfer door at St. Andrew’s has produced nine new signings so far this summer, which seems to have turned people’s attentions away from the takeover saga. It is generally accepted now that Lee Clark will be in charge of the team next season as he is plugging away working within the parameters set out to him.

Stephen Gleeson New at St AndrewsI read a comment on a social media site today which read- “Clark made some great signings last summer but spent a year mismanaging them”. Whilst I agree that some of his tactical decisions and team selections were strange, sometimes farcical, I question whether the signings were ‘great’. Were they ‘great signings’ or were the best Blues could do in the current circumstances?

My optimism levels have slightly risen for next season after seeing some of the players bought in. I would rate most of the new players as better signings on paper than the players we bought in a year ago, and bar one, they are all permanent transfers. The acquisitions of Clayton Donaldson and Stephen Gleeson, in particular, offer me hope. But don’t mistake my hope for levels of unrealistic expectation. If offered to me now, I would snap your hand off for a safe mid-table finish. None of the last minute dramas that followed 46 games of despair. I would like to think I will have finger nails left come May 2015.

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One Response to The Revolving Door at St Andrew’s

  1. chris says:

    Can only agree, i think we will still struggle but as you say lets struggle around the half way mark.
    Many of the current top half teams are spending beyond their and our means and the teams who finished in the bottom six last year were the lowest spenders, except for Burnley.
    Yes we may do better and Burnley proved it’s possible, but it took them 2 to 3 years to rebuild and we came down a year after them and we are only now rebuilding, so we are behind them on that front.
    A season in the mediocre mid table region would suffice while we hopefully get new owners.

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