Birmingham City FC and BIHL Receivership

Despite how the national media make it sound, the news that the parent company of Birmingham City FC, BIHL has gone into voluntary receivership is good news for the football club. Personality clashes at boardroom level have become too much for the majority of shareholders, so calling in the receivers was a bold move. Not only does this mean that the company’s finances will be handled by Ernst & Young, but also that any potential buyers will no longer be negotiating with Peter Pannu.

Birmingham City FC and BIHL Receivership

This doesn’t mean that the sale of BCFC is a quick and uncomplicated process though, but it does offer hope. Business dealings, for the time being, will be done in a business fashion and not with a goal of working towards an agenda of a convicted money launderer. The fact that Carson Yeung so desperately tried to stop this happening is proof alone that this is a positive development.

Some newspapers today are reporting that Blues are set to be hit with a points deduction. At present, this is unconfirmed by the football league. But ask yourself this: would you take a 10 point deduction NOW if it means getting shot of BIHL? With Blues fairly safe in the Championship, I would snap your hands off for it.

Now, let’s get back to the action on the pitch.

Keep Right On!

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  1. paull says:

    just been doing a bit of maths, yes i hate math, but erm blues need points and goals to be fairley honest, if we get a 10 piont slap in the face we can kiss championship good bye , we are on 38 pionts take a slap takes us to bottom 3 , 28 point`s relegation yes take it now and fight for the dear sole of blues all over again, and win every game from now on would happily keep us in the championship depending on what the bottom 3 clubs do from now on , but it`s earley days of yet ,can we do it i say by the ruth of our skin we just might be able too scrape threw we as bluenoses have too just kro .

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