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A very rare post in support of Kev Ball from Joys & Sorrows Website. I have copy and pasted his post on the website:

I have been given the opportunity to go to Rwanda to help install IT equipment into 2 new schools in Kigali for street children set up through the charity Rwanda Legacy of Hope in March.

Rwanda Legacy of Hope website

The equipment has been donated by Plymouth College of Art and Design, however the shipping costs need to be raised. I am looking for support to enable this to happen.

The shipping costs are around £4000 however I have already received a number of donations, hence the total needed now is £1,405.

Birmingham City have kindly given me 2 match day tickets to help raise further funds. There is a choice of either 2 tickets for the Middlesbrough or for the Hull games. To be clear, it’s an either / or!

As it is a raffle you need to buy a ticket for the draw. The cost is £5 per ticket. The payment must be made via paypal to Your name and email address will be put into the pot for the draw. You can purchase more than one raffle ticket which will multiply your chances of winning. So if you buy 3 raffle tickets your name will be added 3 times.

The raffle will run until 17.00 on Friday 23rd February so you still have time to go to 22bet and start betting for your favorite.

If you want to ask further questions or would just like to donate and not be entered into the draw, contact me.

All the money raised will either go to the total required to pay the shipping costs or if we meet that, will be donated to Rwanda Legacy of Hope charity.

Many thanks for your support.

Kevin Ball Owner of Joys and Sorrows.

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