Sap Cloud Service Agreement

Custom pricing agreements can be defined and executed as part of service contracts. The determination of the service contract is possible for service contracts corresponding to the service contract in pre-defined criteria – in this case, the details of the contract and prices are taken into account in the specified service contract. Customers can set service level agreements and manage service and response profiles in service contracts. This intergovernmental agreement covers SAP`s entire cloud portfolio, which supports the smart agency, including resource planning for public and private cloud companies (ERP), citizen experience and engagement, platform and data management, analytics and innovation platform, human capital management and payroll. Learn more about cloud contracts with SAP and aspects of each element. The Terms and Conditions of Sale (CGV) document outlines the main legal requirements for the chosen cloud service, including user rights, customer data, warranties, confidentiality and liability limitations. The SAP-Cloud contract consists of 4 elements: order form, description of cloud service, data processing contract and general terms of sale. The order form, the data processing agreement and the terms and conditions of sale are actually the same for each cloud service in the SAP price list, while the description of the cloud service is a product-specific collection of documents. The order form is your order receipt to subscribe to SAP`s Business Cloud services. It sets the terms and sets the structure of the contract.

The supplement defines additional product-specific terms, contains additional information about usage metrics, and describes several cloud services in a supplement. On the instruction of the data processor that processes personal data that is downloaded into the cloud service, SAP implements and maintains technical and organizational measures to ensure adequate protection of personal data. If necessary, you can automatically extend an expiring service contract to a pre-defined date for a pre-defined period. You can also manually renew service contracts and items. As part of the change process, you can change the business partner of a service contract and automatically create a service contract. The agreement includes sap-cloud software and professional services. The agreement will enter into force from May 2019 for an initial term of 3 years, with the possibility of extending by 2 additional periods of 2 years. Here you`ll find a number of contract documents for SAP`s cloud, software and services offerings. These contractual documents form the basis of your contractual relationship with SAP if they are referenced in certain order forms. This section includes the creation of service contracts in sap S/4HANA Cloud.

Service contracts are framework agreements that define service-related services for a fixed period and are long-term service contracts with clients. Service contracts are billed in a periodic billing plan. Price adjustments for service contracts allow for different prices over the life of the contract. SAP provides cloud service consistently for all customers. Learn more about product-specific conditions, support policy and cloud service readiness. SAP EHS Regulatory Documentation OnDemand Supplement SAP Partners Edge Sell Cloud Specific Terms And Conditions The following links contain SAP Cloud service documents, product-specific terms, support policies and usage rights, customer data, warranties, confidentiality and limitation of liability. Licensing Agreement – Microsoft Corp. and Interland Inc. SAP Cloud Services Indirect Terms and Conditions.

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