Trading Account Management Agreement

The client undertakes not to hold AssetsFx liable for losses resulting from the continuation of such a trading commitment by AssetsFx or to hold the client`s account, as shown in point 13 above; You can leave the business at any time and sign the retraction form, but we are sure you won`t sign it as soon as you start getting consistent gains with our account management. This agreement applies from the date and time of customer approval on the company`s website, in connection with the registration of a live trading account. Sending the Live account registration document is an authorization and signs this agreement electronically on behalf of the customer. In order to request full or partial repayment of funds by sending the payment request form to AssetsFx, provided that all of the client`s trading positions are closed and That AssetsFx has deducted all costs due under the agreement. The customer expressly authorizes AssetsFx to close vacancies in his account after receiving such a request for payment. The customer is responsible for receiving the payment request by AssetsFx (z.B by live support or email). Asset managers will not receive fees in the event of a month lost to the client`s account and will not be able to refund and re-pay fees until the last losses are fully recovered. So you ask AssetsFx for account history reports; A substantial breach by the client of its obligations under this agreement or other agreement with AssetsFx (including, but not limited to, account opening documentation); It is ready and able to support financially and otherwise the risk of trading speculative investments The amount of the online trading account is calculated by AssetsFx in the base currency by multiplying the capital of the client`s account by the leverage established by AssetsFx. The trading leverage that AssetsFx provides to the customer may change at the sole discretion of AssetsFx, in accordance with AssetsFx`s usual practice, taking into account the general market conditions of FX, the shareholders of the client`s account, the type of trading activity of the client, the day of the week, the holiday schedule and other factors. At the time of termination of this agreement, AssetsFx and the client agree to complete all transactions already in progress and the terms of the contract must continue to be linked to these transactions.

AssetsFx is allowed to deduct all amounts earned before the transfer of funds to a client`s account, and AssetsFx is authorized to defer this transfer until all positions between AssetsFx and the Client are closed. In addition, AssetsFx has the right to require the customer to pay a fee related to the transfer of the client`s investments. Without prejudice to other provisions of this Agreement, AssetsFx has the right to restrict access to the Metatrader 4 platform in general or with respect to certain currency pairs, transactions or customers, to suspend or restrict or impose transactions on the Metatrader 4 platform or to deny access and use of the Metatrader 4 platform. , in the event that, at The sole discretion of AssetsFx, one of the following circumstances arises: AssetsFx may provide the customer with programming tools to facilitate the planning of the client`s trading activities. These tools are provided on the basis of “AS IS” and “WITH ALL ITS FAULTS.” All technical options for planning trading orders are made available to the client only at the sole discretion of AssetsFx and used by the client at his own risk.

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