Free Trust Agreement Template

To create a Living Trust, first, create a retractable trust document and appoint an agent. You can then list the property you will place in the trust as well as your beneficiaries. If beneficiaries pass before the age of 30, the trust held in the name of the beneficiary is distributed according to the beneficiary`s wishes. If the beneficiary dies intestate, the trust is distributed to his offspring. In the absence of a descendant, the spouse, in the absence of a spouse, is the siblings. CONSIDERING that the Licensor intends to establish a trust for certain immovable property delivered to the agent, as described in Annex A annexed to this Agreement, in favour of a beneficiary; 5.3 settle all or part of the trust fund for one or more beneficiaries. It`s usually a good idea to have one when writing a certificate of trust, drawn up by a lawyer to make sure all relevant sections are included. In the event that the mandatary becomes unfit for work, the mandatary immediately resigns as mandatary and the rights and obligations are transferred to the subsequent mandatary. In the event that no trustee succeeds during the validity of this Agreement, this Agreement shall be terminated and all fiduciary assets shall be transferred to the Beneficiaries, provided that the Beneficiaries are of legal age to manage the Trust Real Property. The agent distributes personal property to the surviving direct relatives of the licensor, which is distributed equally among themselves. The agent distributes among them personal and exclusive real estate of the licensor, such as jewelry, vehicles, collections in equal parts, unless the widow of the spouse decides otherwise to manage this property. The descendants of the concessionaire are the main beneficiaries who release 50% of what is distributed to them equally. The remaining 50% is recognized as a free part of the estate.

The choice of personal property left by the licensor is chosen by the main beneficiaries. The spouse of the licensor is recognized as a concordant beneficiary and receives 1/2 of the remaining free part. If the descendants are not yet of age, the mandatary suspends the share of the minor descendant in favor of this descendant managed by the mandatary. The remaining free portion is distributed equally among the direct heirs of the licensor. A revocable living trust is created by a person (the Grantor) to hold his or her property and property and dictate how that property and property is distributed after the grantor`s death. . . .

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