Sample Of Susu Agreement

The concept of a Susu is used all over the world and has more than 200 different names that vary from country to country. Funds are usually collected with a set amount, which is brought in weekly by family or friends. [2] It is estimated that three-quarters of Caribbean immigrants to New York participated in Susus in the 1980s. [3] Submit a copy of the agreement to an appropriate regulatory authority, such as the Internal Revenue Service. Make copies available to all parties involved and keep them in a safe place such as a safe or locker. Make sure the company`s financial or accounting officer has a copy to provide information on a tax return or other business form. CPEC has developed a corporate agreement to form a separate team of Susu collectors who act as agents under the CPEC banner. Now, as part of the agreement, new collectors can use the CPEC brand and the CPEC mobile app for collections and differentiate themselves from existing independent collectors. Under the corporate agreement, CPEC Susu collectors can earn an average of 10 $US per day, paid by a fee levied by customers up to 1/31 of the savings paid.

As the government has severely ruled against Susu`s independent collectors, partnering with an organization like CPEC is quickly becoming its only medium-term option to stay in business. Consult a legal library, legal website or government authority, such as the Internal Revenue Department, for model agreements and rules covering different types of contributions. Follow an example form for details such as titles, sections indicating the general conditions of sale and other elements of the contract. Find a sample dealing with similar material, whether it`s an employee pension contribution or a non-profit donation from your company. Describe the laws that were used to form the agreement and that are used for interpretation in the event of a dispute. Add specific references such as government manuals, tax rules, or rules applicable to financial institutions. Give specific steps to resolve issues in court. Make a place available to all parties involved for signing, either as a direct participant or as a secondary interest. Distinguish between personal and commercial assets in a small, unregistered business or sketch out the structure of the business. A contribution agreement is a legal document defining the conditions for the transfer of an asset from one party to another, an important element of the activity.

A contribution contract for a small business can cover funds for a pension account, a donation to a charity, membership in a business, even items or computer code that are exchanged for a tax…

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