Skipper Agreement

The Maritime and Coast Guard Agency (MCA) provides guidance for the drafting of crew contracts for commercial vessels and yachts: if the damage is not quantified by mutual agreement, an informal assessment is mandatory and is subject to the respective rights of the parties. Have each crew member sign the agreement if they join the ship and at the end of the voyage. In addition to the exclusions described in paragraph 3.1, this guarantee is never granted:- For expenses paid without the agreement of Groupe C.S.A. or GROUPAMA ASSISTANCE, – For the costs of search and maritime assistance, – For repair costs, – For customs, – For the costs caused by the theft of luggage and personal equipment on the boat. In addition to the exclusions described in paragraph 3.1 above, the guarantee for the skipper mentioned on the application form never applies:- For reasons other than those of Article 2.2 of the General Conditions of Sale, – In case of pilot training by the skipper of an ocean liner without a valid license or certificate, – In case of participation, during the cruise, during a sporting event or a record attempt, – In case of non-compliance with the sailing area described on the sailing license by the skipper or the area with regard to the actual level of equipment of the boat, except for assistance (law of 7 July 1967), – In case of non-compliance with the sailing guidelines in the annex or to any degree that governs navigation, – Advice or recommendations in case of non-compliance with maritime or meteorological authorities. However, some employees have separate employment contracts and are not required to sign, as follows: benefits are paid within two weeks from the date of the parties` agreement or enforceable court decision. The use of certain means to conduct prospecting operations is subject to the approval of potential customers. This implies that the deposit of the deposit is mandatory even if the customer uses the services of a skipper. In this case, the deposit cannot be used to cover the costs caused by negligence of the skipper, mismanagement of the boat and mismanagement of the equipment. The customer and the charterering endeavor to settle by mutual agreement all disputes that may arise within the framework of these general conditions of sale. .

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